Dino Seo Basic Package

Put to rest, any doubts you might have had about approaching an SEO to help your business grow. It is now known that the number of searches is increasing at the rate of 20% every year. 'Search' the biggest way to market yourself and reach those people looking for you. Clearly it is vital to have high visibility and more ranking to your website else, it will be only like a genie in the lamp discarded in a treasure trunk. Push him up, give him a rub, and let him shine well. Voila! Your wish has been granted.

What's in the DinoSeo Basic Package?

The hierarchy starts from opting an SEO package online and while you are at it, it is important to know what your package contains - its usage and purpose. For a very success Online Marketing you need a very package that promises;

  • Increased Visibility -Your website sparkles at pinnacle, when it pulled out from the other common innumerable websites. The search engine spiders and crawlers reach your website through the 'links' that have been created. With DinoSeo's Basic Package, you will be assured of 100% effective dedicated links without any sharing.
  • Higher Ranking - It's all about 'relevance' and 'importance'. The search engines pull out the pages that are most relevant to the search query and rank the results in the order of priority. Getting more sophisticated with the search engines; our experts came out with this package to suit the recent Search Engine Updates.
  • Internet Marketing - The process of meeting the technical requirements of search engines gets completed only when it leads to market. Efficient promotion is a must to engage the website with more views. Our Marketers are expertise, gained from years of analyzing 'how search engine ranks pages' to provide the benefits of a dedicated blog to you. We take pride in this, as this is the soul of our package.

That's not All!

Apart from the above mentioned and other link boosting services, DinoSeo Basic Package has more to offer.

  • Improvement in SERP and Traffic for an agreed number of keywords
  • Sustenance of the improved SERP and Traffic with consistent work flow and Blog updates
  • Free Blog updates for a month

Results are All that Matters!

With the 'Premium Link Benefit' offered by DinoSeo's Basic Package, you can stay ahead well in today's race for visibility. We also offer other Promotional Services apart from the regular support and report assistance.

Have a Newly Developed Website! Of course, this one's for You!

This package is highly recommended for those, who are a novice in this field and stepping into the first few chapters on Virtual World of Internet Marketing. This package's main focus is to ensure positive ROI through this campaign.
For those looking for more than the customary, kindly peruse on DinoSeo's Pro & Premier Package.

  • Features
Dedicated Blog Services
  • Dedicated Blogs01
  • HQ Contents for Blogs05
Dedicated Boosting Services
  • Dedicated Niche Blog posts05
  • Guest Post DA20+01
  • Dedicated Inner page SEOYes
  • Dedicated Social Media EngagementNo
  • Dedicated Video promotionNo
  • Dedicated Blog Updates01 Month
Premium Services
  • Premium Directory Listings01
  • Premium Article Submission01
  • Premium Bookmarking01
  • Premium Blog Commenting01
  • Premium Blog Directory Submission01
Order Reporting Services
  • Competitors Strategy ReportNil
  • User Generating Keywords ReportYes
  • Work Completion ReportYes
  • SERP ReportYes
SEO Expert Supporting Services
  • Email SupportYes
  • Chat SupportYes
  • Telephonic SupportYes


  • FAQ

Do you use any of the automated software/tools for link building?

No. Our SEO experts do the entire link building process manually. We never employ automated tools/software in link building process.

Who manage the inventories of links used for back link submission?

Our SEO experts and Internet Marketers find the high quality sources for link building process. And our Quality Control team audits the links periodically to ensure the superiority ever.

It came to know from a popular Webmaster Forum that many of the websites got penalized with Google updates for building links. If it is so, why should I subscribe your plan?

We designed our packages strategically to make the link building campaign more natural. And that makes the process safer on the web to adhere with the latest Google algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin. And we assure that our process keeps the website 100% safe from the penalization.

Why I am receiving my report in a delayed time?

Our team will begin to work as soon as you have placed the order with us. But to stick with the standards of the link velocity guideline, we build the links with certain intervals that makes the report submission process a bit slower than the others.

Is there anything I have to provide from my side for Ad copy preparation?

No. We have our own team of SEO content writers who will take care of the complete Ad copy developing process on behalf of you.

Whether I have to provide reciprocal links?

No. We derive Backlinks from premium quality one way back link sources that need no reciprocal links. So you don't have to provide any Backlinks from your site to the linking site.

Is this package containing any kind of hidden charges?

We follow a transparent pricing policy and we never charge any hidden payment. You need not pay any extra payment other than the package order price.

Don't you provide migration service for dedicated blogs?

Yes of course! When required, we provide push service (migration) which lets you to transfer the dedicated blog to your hosting environment. But it is highly recommended, to continue the service in our platform for good maintenance and top supervision by our SEO experts.

Do you provide the dedicated blog update service?

Yes! We provide dedicated blog updating service by posting high quality articles in a regular basis (2-3 months).

Don't you update the blogs more than 3 months?

Why not? We provide updates even after the 3 months of said time period. As you know, we do updates by posting quality content/article for which you have to pay us the maintenance charge.

Do you offer any kind of customized packages?

As everyone's requirements are varying, we provide custom SEO packages for a better addressing of ever changing needs of customers. You can use the below support link to enquire about the package with us.

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