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Guest Posts

Dino Guest Posting is a managed service that we provide for posting blogs. This is one of the easiest ways to earn highest quality inbound links and direct traffic to your website. Our team of writers and SEO experts collaborate to increase your reputation online.

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Guest blog posting gets you the editorial link which is one of the best links that helps you in driving your website rank higher. Guest post is a relevant article placed on a blog page or on a site by the other poster or author than the real owner. Dino Guest Posting Services involve finding relevant websites for your niche ad, filtered with criteria such as overall traffic rate, PR figures, editorial norms, frequency updates, and social channel followers.

DinoSeo does deliver on the dedication front and offers you a top notch guest posting service. Our guest post includes the link directing to your website and thus helps in getting traffic, but the primary purpose is getting high quality back links.

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The service offers features such as quality do-follow links & higher rankings, brand exposure and social promotion, link diversity with the use of anchor text, PR 2 + blogs and links from multiple C-class IPs, guaranteed support for back links and real time traffic, instant back links, a minimum of 2 back links for each post and post preview feature and value for money pricing.

Search engines and readers love fresh content - we post quality content on your behalf on other websites and blogs so that your reputation increases even through other websites. The process of hosting the other’s content on a blog allows the poster to spin a network with the other bloggers/posters. Links from guest posts are highly natural, organic and are the prompt links you can obtain, promising no networks, no link farms and no automation.

DinoSeo fetches you links from relevant high PR sources with related page and do-follow links from the blog posts. We build brand recognition and strive to direct tight traffic to your website from high authority sites.

Our deputed SEO Project Manager manages and monitors the multitude of services; the site's design, hosting, analytics, marketing, SEO and copywriting accommodating the client's budget.

How Guest Posting Can Grow Your Audience

Are you a blogger and wondering how you can grow your blog reach and even turn your passion into some cash? For starters, making money from blogging is always easier said than done. As a matter of fact, most bloggers around the globe quit along the tempting journey towards blogging success. Well, if your blogging career is stuck between a rock and a hard place then we will introduce you to a simple way to help you turn the corner. We are talking about what is known as guest posting or rather doing guest posts. So, what are guest posts all about?

What is Guest Posting?

If you haven’t heard of the phrase ‘guest post’ before then it simply means writing and publishing your content in another similar website or blog. In other words, if you blog about food on your blog, then guest post, in this case, would mean blogging about the same on another site of a similar niche. This sort of arrangement is quite popular in the world of blogging but many bloggers actually underestimate the power of doing guest posts and other organic ways of getting vital traffic from the web. No wonder you find many bloggers seeking internet marketing services in Search Engine Marketing services like white hat SEO and even black hat SEO. Few smart bloggers have turned to guest posts and they are reaping far more benefits in such guest posts than expensive SEO packages marketed by most internet marketing firms. Now, you may be asking yourself, what are the benefits of doing guest posts? Let’s now dissect into everything about guest posts and show you what you have been missing!

Benefits of Guest Posts

Build Relationships with Similar Bloggers

The first vital benefit of guest posts is that it will help your network with like-minded bloggers in your relevant niche. No blogger is allergic to great content and if your blog content is very good to your consumers then it will most likely be magnetic to your guest host’s audience as long as they are in similar niches. In case you didn’t know, connections on the World Wide Web are represented by graph links thus your influence will depend on the connections you have with bloggers with a huge fan base. Such connections built through guest posts will surely go a long way in routing visitors and subscribers to your blog.

It even gets better if you can leverage such connections attained via guest posts to create things like events that will benefit both you and the bloggers in your network. A good case scenario is where we are seeing digital marketing bloggers coming together to host super cool master classes in many cities around the globe. Such relationships can only commence somewhere and doing a guest post in other blogs and letting others guest post on your blog is one way to ignite them.

Search Engine Optimization Is Enahanced By Guest Posts

Getting your blog up among the top in your niche is a primary target if you are to get visitors. When it comes to SEO there are a lot of factors that come in handy and one of them is the links your build with other websites. Again, you have to keep in mind that connections in search engines do represent some value which is inculcated into the metric that is used to rank websites. Think of it this way, in real life who would want to associate with someone who lives alone in a forest? Google spiders use this sort of analogy in rating your trust levels in a certain niche. This means that doing guest posts can boost your trust value and increase your search engine rankings.

Guest Posts Grows Your Audience

Perhaps the main goal of doing guest posts in the first place is to spread your wings and get to reach out to more consumers in your niche. The real beauty with such guest posts is the fact that you are diving into an already established community letting them know that you exist. The trick here is to ensure that you add the value into this community (one where you interact with via guest posts) so that they can be attracted to you and start reading your blog posts then you can convert them to loyal fans.

Guest Posts Can Land You Other Opportunities

If you are writer interested in getting high-paying gigs from traditional and non-traditional publishing platforms, then guest posts are the way to go. By doing guest posts, you will be elevating your portfolio and turning into an authority in your niche. Top publishing platforms would be looking at your work in your blog plus relevant guest posts and you will certainly have higher chances of landing that part time or full time writing gig you have been craving for!

What about Allowing Bloggers to Guest Post On You Site?

There is no relationship if it is not mutual, right? This means that you will also have to invite other like-minded bloggers to guest post on your blog if you are to also get a chance to do guest posts in theirs. By allowing this symbiotic relationship, the guest post blogger will share the links to your site. However, you should allow guest posts moderately so that you can maintain your own voice whilst spicing up your site with fresh input from other top bloggers.

How to Land A Guest Post Blogging Opportunity

So, how do you land a guest post blogging role, or rather how can you find a guest post blogging role in your niche? Here are two tips you can use to get some wonderful guest post space around the web:

Use Google To Search For Guest Post Opportunities

The first place you need to search for guest post roles is at Google. Just use some clever keywords to find blogs accepting guest posts-use your industry as the keyword then concatenate it with other keywords like guest post, submit a guest post, guest post by, accepting guest posts, guest post guidelines etc. You could also add prolific guest post bloggers (in your niche) in your search to see where they are doing their guest posts. The same can be said of your competitors, especially if you are an online marketing firm. You will simply look for the places where your competitors have written guest posts, using the Google search.

Search For Guest Post Opportunities on Social Networks

Most bloggers will usually post their guest posts on social networks and you can take advantage of this to get some important info you can use to find guest post roles. Twitter is particularly very good in this-simply use your preferred keyword in conjunction with the keywords guest post, guest posting, guest posts among others and you are bound to some info on where to guest post.

Tips To Make the Most Out Of Guest Posts

Now that you know a thing or two about guest posts why don’t we give you some tips on how to make the most out of your guest post role?

#Tip 1: Add Links to Your Post In Any Guest Post Blog

Of course, you want to do some link building through any guest post and there is no better way to do so than by adding anchor links in the guest posts. We are talking about adding links from the guest blog to your site and vice versa, i.e linking to the post from your own site. This way you can route some of the traffic from the guest post to your own blog and even let your own consumers’ link to the other site.

#Tip 2: Share the Guest Post on Social Media

As usual, most users are camped on social networks thus you would certainly want to reach out to them by sharing your guest post to your followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social networks that add value to your blog. You will need to make sure that the guest post content shared on every social network is tailored to the audience. For instance, if you want to get more traffic to the guest post from Instagram, then an infographic would be best suited for the photo-savvy audience. So, tweak the guest post content to attract more readers.

#Tip 3: Reply To Comments In Your Guest Posts

Another way to enhance your brand via guest posts is to engage your new audience as much as you can. You can do so by reacting to comments from the readers on the guest posts. Through such interactions, readers will know you better and start visiting your site.

#Tip 4: Thank Your Host For The Guest Post Opportunity

It is always good to thank good hosts and the same applies to the world of guest posting! Don’t just to a guest post and go silent, give your host a nice thumbs up and you will certainly land another guest post opportunity in the same blog or another. In this regards, you can draft a nice “thank you” Email, SMS or you can go as far as writing a “thank you post” on your own website. This sounds just like some cheap PR but you know what? It works!

The Bottom line

Guest blogging is a nice way for any blogger to increase reach and boost reputation online. The key to success in any guest post is knowing what works and what will not work for you. As a rule of the thumb, you should always make sure that the content is focused on your niche, the blog has engaged readers and that the owner is socially active. Long story short, why not try this form of niche blogging and see how it impacts on the growth of your blog?

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