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In any case that you’ve created a website for your business, you need to advertise it correctly so that it will generate the needed traffic that would equate to possible sales. There are a few ways to setting up your website to reach a wide target audience. First and foremost, you must create quality content for your website in order for possible viewers to be enticed with the products or services that you are offering. Secondly, your website must be search engine optimized or SEO to ensure that whenever someone uses a search engine using specific keywords that are linked to you, your site will come out as one of the top results.

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There are a few ways to achieving this; one is by using niche blogs to further improve your search engine optimization by creating blogs that grab the targets attention which will then link them to your website. Another way to go about this is by creating PBNs or private blog networks that link directly to your site; these are usually labelled as your tier 1 when it comes to adding reach to your site. When tier one doesn’t seem to be quite as effective, it may be time for you to upgrade to tier 2.

Let’s start from the basics

Tier 2 link building is fairly easy to understand but not quite when implementing. This is the understanding part of that. Second tier link building is basically building links (whether through niche blogs or PBNs) that will link to pages that ultimately link to your website. This gives you a much broader reach in terms of trying to get in touch with your niche or target market.

Building high quality links

In some cases, the links you have built or have been built for you are not exactly made of the quality you are looking for; therefore to mediate this, another set of links must be made to counteract the negative reviews that came from the previous links (tier 1). This also gives you a wider reach as to target audience. Think of it as a pyramid in which the top part is your website that you are optimizing for search engines, at the bottom of it is the first tier or your first attempt to phish for traffic (which might have slightly failed, or not) after that is the second tier, consider it your redemption tier if you haven’t been as successful in the first tier. This gives you a second chance in gaining the attention of your niche market so that they will be enticed to click on these links and will be eventually redirected to your website.

Various tier 2 options

There are a lot of ways for you to redirect links and niche audience. One way to go about it is through social media since social media has very broad reach. And most of people nowadays are certainly hooked on them, so why not utilize this addiction to social media to your advantage? You could go about it by sharing a blog or a link to a page on various popular social media platforms. Make sure that what you are sharing can capture the attention of the people, in short, click baiting. These click baits now lead to a blog or page that will eventually lead the viewers to your site and generate traffic and hopefully revenue.

Or if you find this quite confusing, for a small amount, there are tier 2 boosters which will help you get the job done much easier.

Treating tier 2 as if it were tier 1

Treat your tier 2 links as if they were the main links to your website. This includes making sure that they all have quality content to attract niche markets. This will improve the percentage of people who will view the links. No person in their right mind would want to continue clicking on the links provided if the content of the tier 2 link isn’t really that interesting to them or if they have no use for it. Would you click on a link in a blog that is poorly constructed? Of course not, you’d find better written blogs to make sure that the links they have also contain high quality content. This is why tier 2 should be made with high quality content like tier 1 and also like the website. It gives the viewers a sensation like opening a present, each layer (or link) gets them one step closer to the gist (your website).

Guest blogging

You could also try guest blogging in where you build a relationship with a certain site and write blogs for them and in turn, they will share the link that links to your website. This only works if you have good relations with that certain site. Also, it’s never a good idea to beg them to share your link.

Avoid automated software

Don’t let a bot or program do the job for you. Who knows what tier 2 links you could be getting, as well as the quality of content in these links. If you aren’t too sure on how to go about this, try seeking assistance from web marketing sites like SerpLogic that offer certain services such as boosting your tier 2 links. They are at the very least, people who understand your concerns and will address them accordingly, unlike software that cannot understand what you truly want. These people are experts in their respective fields and can definitely deliver as to what you are requesting them to do.

All in all, tier 2 is a very handy backup plan if ever your tiers 1 links aren’t as successful as you want them to be. If ever you don’t really know how to go about this, there are always web marketing sites such as SerpLogic that specialize in these cases like boosting your tier 2 links. Marketing your website can be a hard and even costly task that will require you to take necessary risks. Well, business after all is all about taking those risks.

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